Webcast: Real OLAP Analytics - the power of EV

15.05.2018 - 16:00

Real OLAP Analytics - the power of EV

OLAP technology is commonly used all over the world and the big vendors Oracle, Microsoft and IBM still developing their solution. There are many reasons why OLAP technology is important and will continue to play an important role in the future. This webinar will focus on the benefits of OLAP technology and the problems that it can solve.

There are two aspects to take into consideration while discussing OLAP technologies. It is important to have an excellent OLAP engine. It is just as important to have an excellent front end tool that can unleash the power of the OLAP engine. For example, real hierarchies, unbalanced hierarchies and dimensions are a part of everyday analysis. It is also important to support the specific functionality of a particular database, whether this is alternate hierarchies and subsets in TM1, substitution variables and UDAs in Essbase or Named Sets and Properties in SSAS.

There is one tool that can do it all – cubus EV.

cubus EV has the power to analyze your data on top of your OLAP technology. Convince yourself at this webinar or download a trial!


Thursday, 15th May 2018

4:00 pm (CEST (Berlin, GMT+02:00) | 45 min.)
10:00 am (EDT (New York, UTC-04:00) | 45 min.)



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Thursday, 17th May 2018

5:00 pm (CEST (Berlin, GMT+02:00) | 45 min.)
11:00 am (EDT (New York, UTC-04:00) | 45 min.)


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