Why have customers chosen cubus?

Every decision for new software and a provider also involves a degree of doubt and risks. Find out why cubus customers are happy with their decisions and familiarize yourself with the wide range of applications that can be built using our software. Contact us if you are looking for a specific application reference in your industry.


Customer success stories

Carl Zeiss

Carl Zeiss was faced with the task of introducing a new management information system worldwide.
The focus of the financial project "CORA" was to increase the transparency and comparability of financial information while optimizing data flows and reporting processes.
cubus was the long-standing and trusted partner of Carl Zeiss AG. Together we developed innovative solutions, so that at the end of the project a very successful result was created.

Let our customer speak and convince yourself.




Ritter Sport

“We lead a very strong marriage for 10 years now” is how Sven Hoffmann, head of controlling at Ritter Sport, describes the relationship with cubus!

Let our customer speak and convince yourself.




Ritter Sport - Sven Hoffmann, Head of Controlling

"We use cubus Software since 2007. We are an enthusiastic user for sales and financial controlling.
What we love most about cubus EV is the ease of  use and really great flexibility doing our daily business. No programming at all! We rely on cubus and can recommend it to other organizations unlimited."
Sven Hoffmann, Head of Controlling at Ritter Sport

Smurfit Kappa - Christian Foucher, Manager BI and Shared Applications

"Since almost a year now, we started our collaboration. And we started by asking you a big challenge on investigating for a solution to help us to use EV with direct access. In our company, EV is used by a lot of people travelling all the time and it was quite a disappointment when we discover this issue as it worked in the past with tokens. 
We were very happy to get your support and there was some exchanges between your team and my team to finally get the solution. We are now close to install the new EV version where we have seen some consequent improvements: 

  • Performance (speed)
  • Direct access
  • User friendly

It’s now a challenge for us to implement it in our organization as EV is used in a lot of reporting stuffs (Sales, Marketing, Health & Safety, Sustainability, Transport, Complaints,…). We had to prepare a realistic plan to migrate servers. I am sure that with this huge usage of EV, some requests will be raised to your team and we’ll get their full support as along this year."

Ferman - Nicholas Boicheff, Controller & CIO at Ferman Automotive Management Services

"Managers of our 18 automobile and motorcycle dealerships have used Executive Viewer for more than ten years. That includes traditional financial  reporting as well as more complete operational reporting with many non-financial measures for our vehicle sales and repair departments.

We sought out Cubus when we needed better support to solve, for us, a difficult technical issue. When we called to setup an engagement, they simply helped us solve the problem on the spot with no request for compensation nor solicitation of the support business.  After that good experience we asked them to take us on as a client.

Now with Cubus, we enjoy more generous licensing with excellent, timely support at a reasonable price. And we are encouraged by their continued development of the product; especially after learning of IBM’s announcement to end life it. EV is a critical part of our management system and we are most happy to have a partner as committed as we are."

Nicholas Boicheff, Controller & CIO at Ferman Automotive Management Services

Bayerische Beamten Versicherung AG - Florian Prebeck, Technical Manager Sales set Management/Controlling

“cubus outperform EV Analytics provides us with quick insights into the current status. If we spot any deviations we can react immediately and drill down into the details or use Excel to explore the data further. Handling and using the software is so simple that users do not require any training. The performance also leaves nothing to be desired. Big databases become accessible within seconds. EV Analytics is the first program that allows us to fully leverage the potential of our databases without overloading (crashing) the system. The tool offers a variety of useful features like easy to perform asymmetrical selections or a convenient calculator for generating new performance indicators on the fly. Our company uses Oracle BI Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) for reporting and cubus outperform EV Analytics for data analysis. Shortly, EV Analytics will be accessible from within OBIEE and facilitate our analyses even more.”

Florian Prebeck, Technical Manager set Sales Management/Controlling, Bayerische Beamten Versicherung AG

Royal Air Force Benevolent Fund - Gary Ross, Head of IT and Facilities

"We recently moved from IBM Cognos Executive Viewer product to the version supplied by cubus. A change of software and supplier is normally a lengthy process and quite difficult but cubus was the exception to the rule.  As soon as a trial version of the software was available they provided full instructions. We had a couple of difficulties through the install process but the technical support cubus provided was exceptional. They made the whole change over simple and we were up and running within a short space of time. We are very impressed with cubus and their product knowledge and would happily recommend them to any organisation."

Gary Ross, Head of IT and Facilities at RAF Benevolent Fund

Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH - Henrik Wirth, Head of Finance Systems

„Takeda has been using EV for many years in multiple business units in worldwide and new expanded in Asia Pacific. Currently 820 users are relying on cubus outperform EV Analytics for data analysis and reporting. We migrated to cubus in 2013 and are very happy. cubus has delivered as promised and we are looking forward to a long-term, mutually beneficial business relationship.“

Henrik Wirth, Head of Finance Systems at Takeda Pharmaceuticals International GmbH

MasterCard - Robert Mayette, Business Leader Business Intelligence

"I’ve been a cubus customer since the launch of the EV Analytics product, and we use it extensively at MasterCard.
The ease of use of EV Analytics has been instrumental in making it one of the most highly used reporting tools in the company, used by Finance, Account Management, Sales and Product Management teams globally.

Navigating an Essbase cube and pulling out insights is incredibly easy with EV Analytics, giving our users the freedom to navigate and discover trends.
EV Analytics “speaks” Essbase, so my users get all the functionality that we build into our cubes delivered into their hands in a streamlined, friendly interface.
EV Analytics really lets OLAP reporting live up to its promises.  Furthermore, I’m always impressed about how much attention the cubus team puts into enhancing EV Analytics. 
They always canvas their customers and layer in the features that people are asking for.  That should be the norm for software companies, but it isn’t, and cubus continues to delight with each release of EV Analytics."

MetLife - Clayton Ward, Director, Reporting & Analytics

The customer converted their IBM Cognos Executive Viewer licenses to cubus outperform EV Analytics. 
cubus, having acquired the source code from IBM, provided a seamless conversion and helpful support for customers’s 600 users around the world. 
The conversion included the Cognos environment to Oracle Essbase with cubus EV as the front end standard. 
This change added another 1000 domestic users into the environment, doubling the total numbers users and increasing the global footprint around the world. 
Japan, most countries in Europe, Dubai and the Middle East, and North America are all reporting with cubus EV.

“The architecture behind cubus EV made the transition from previous tools very straightforward.  By adding an additional server into the existing cluster, we were able to support another 1000 users very quickly and easily. 
They are happy with the new functionality and the ease of installation and exporting capabilities.  The true ad-hoc capability that cubus EV provides allows for the end users to manage their own environment with only 1 dedicated IT resource.”

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