To guarantee the success of your application, you need good software, a precise implementation and reliable support. Over the years, we have developed tried-and-tested methods to steer your project to success.

Benefit from the knowledge and experience of our consultants in your projects.
Ready, set, know! Our trainers provide you with the skills you need to benefit from your new application in day-to-day business.
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ConsultingOur objective: Your Success

 We implement your projects based on a structured process that has been proven over the years. Numerous document templates, checklists and our internal knowledge database support our methodology. Our support does not only include the typical technical support every software company provides. Experienced consultants are there to help and advise you whenever you need them. Basic and customized trainings and workshops complete our service offerings.

Outside Germany our partners are providing implementation services and training for you. They are also your local point of contact for first level support. Need help finding the right partner? Please contact us. We are happy to assist you.




 With our proven methodologies, we support you in every phase of the deployment and in production. Our projects are based on a standardized implementation process, that integrates your team from the start for a continuous knowledge transfer. At cubus, our consultants were among the first to implement management information systems. Keeping up with the latest technologies is part of our nature. We have an excellent understanding of project management, and our business expertise ensures that your requirements are successfully met.

cubus solutions use modern technologies ranging from Oracle Essbase and IBM Cognos TM1 to the OLAP offerings of Microsoft or the SAP integration from Theobald Software. Our consultants are specialists in these fields and support you all the way.

cubus outperform consulting

We have divided our proven methodology into a succession of steps. Each project kicks off with a training of the core team, followed by the definition and implementation of the detailed concept. Integration tests ensure that everything runs smoothly. User trainings guarantee a good start and increase adoption.

Based on the experiences of multiple customer projects, we have designed the following consulting packages:

cubus outperform HU - Tuning for your applications

Shift your cubus outperform installation up a gear with these efficiency-boosting measures. Using our standardized checklist, we identify opportunities to make your application faster and easier to maintain so that you can focus on more important tasks.

Visual information design

From big data to the Internet of things, are you drowning in the information deluge? We will explore the main concepts from thought leaders in information design, show how you can visualize information in a compelling, easy-to-understand manner, and help you implement these ideas in reporting and analysis.

Essbase consulting

ORACLE Gold Partnercubus has been Oracle’s first specialist Essbase partner. So you can rely on more than twenty years of experience - whether you are building new applications, revamping existing ones, migrating to new versions, or porting to other OLAP databases,

Our services for Essbase include:

Modeling including block storage (BSO), aggregate storage (ASO) and hybrid aggregate modes



Installation and migration

Analysis tools including Smartview and Excel add-in

Essbase Studio and Integration Server

We have developed special offers based on our experience in numerous customer projects:

Essbase optimization

As a pioneer in Essbase consulting, cubus knows the ins and outs of the software. We are so certain that we can optimize your system and that we have created a unique set of offers:

Rent an admin: Knowledge backup for your applications

Ensure that your application runs stable – and keeps running even when your experts are out sick or on vacation. Our specialists are ready to jump in – even on short notice or in an emergency. Learn more about our service!

Essbase migration kit for SmartView

Is your reporting based on the Essbase Excel add-in? As of version, this add-in is no longer included in Essbase. The product SmartView, however, provides an adequate replacement. At cubus, we have already supported numerous customers to switch successfully.

Essbase environment management

Are you still testing your systems on Prod? Use cubus Environment Management to synchronize various environments. Learn more about our services:

Essbase automation with CBC

Loading data, adding new users, testing and deploying new applications – a lot of the administrative tasks in Oracle Essbase applications are repetitive. Discover the benefits of automation with CBC from cubus.

Microsoft consulting

For over a decade cubus outperform software products have supported Microsoft’s OLAP technologies for data acquisition and analysis. Our consultants have comprehensive expertise in supporting your Microsoft environments regarding:

OLAP modeling (SSAS cubes)

Process automatization (SSIS)

Analysis (SSRS)

Data storage (SQL Server)

.NET application development

TM1 consulting

With the launch of our ad hoc analysis tool cubus outperform EV Analytics, IBM Cognos TM1 has become a priority at cubus. After integrating TM1 in cubus outperform PM, tasks such as modeling and administering TM1 databases are now shifting into our focus as well. Our experts support your TM1 deployments in the following areas:

Modeling (Architect)

Management (Turbo Integrator)

Analysis and reporting (Excel add-in)

Oracle Business Intelligence

Oracle Gold PartnerDo you want to use Oracle BI with Essbase or Oracle BI Foundation Suite 11g and take advantage of the perfect integration of business intelligence based on Essbase technology? As a longstanding Oracle Gold Partner and Central Europe’s leading consultancy for Oracle Essbase from day one, cubus is your ideal partner.

Our experienced team of consultants supports you in implementing innovative applications that leverage the capabilities of Oracle BI und Essbase.

For more information on Business Intelligence, Oracle Essbase and Oracle BI, visit our dedicated BI site (currently available in German language only).

SAP integration with Xtract from Theobald Software

To integrate SAP data into cubus outperform and our data warehousing solutions, we use the market-leading integration technology of Theobald Software. More than 1,200 clients worldwide, ranging from midsize companies to large, international corporations, use Theobald products to connect their IT systems to SAP. This connection is certified by SAP and meets all major security standards of SAP environments.

Depending on the number of relational databases that need to be integrated with cubus outperform, our clients have two options:

Xtract IS empowers Microsoft SQL Server users to connect SAP extraction processes directly into Microsoft Integration Services.

Xtract Universal directly transfers data from SAP into an Oracle database environment for further processing (e.g. to manage and administer an Oracle Essbase environment).

Both products support a bidirectional interface. Data that has been planned in cubus outperform can be transferred back to SAP. As SAP stays in control of the master data, all information can be processed in SAP without problems.

A partner of Theobald Software, cubus employs a dedicated team of integration specialists who are familiar with all implementation aspects.


cubus training helps you to get you up and running in no time. You can choose from a variety of basic trainings, specialized courses, workshops and made-to-measure training models.

SchulungBasic Training for CUBUS OUTPERFORM

Prepare your project team and system administrator for their new tasks with our basic training:

Terminology and overview of components

Creating an analysis

User interface of the outperform

Fundamentals of multidimensional databases (part I)

Creating a workbook in Excel

Administration: outperform

Fundamentals of databases



WorkshopsWe help your staff prepare for special tasks and build new or enhance existing skillsets within your company. In our specialized trainings you can extend the skills you have gained in projects or our basic trainings:

Advanced training for cubus outperform

Building complex maps

Detailed modules

Calculation scripts for advanced users

Modeling for advanced users


Analysis for advanced users



Do you need to address a specific issue or build specific skillsets? Our experienced trainers can assist by sharing important knowledge as part of a workshop or custom training. These trainings take place in a specialized training center or on site at your company.

What our customers are saying

  • The management expectations were not only met but greatly exceeded through the implementation of cubus. The web based solution allows for an efficient exchange of all required financial and market information of the SUSPA group.
    Roland Benter, Chief Accounting and Corpoarte Controlling, SUSPA Holding GmbH
  • We are very impressed with cubus and their product knowledge and would happily recommend them to any organisation.
    Gary Ross, Head of IT and Facilities at RAF Benevolent Fund
  • cubus outperform and EV Analytics Web Client has taken our financial, sales budgeting and forecasting processes to a new level of efficiency and accuracy. It has enabled the easy input of remote sales forecasts in local currencies with immediate corporate consolidation into euros, providing management across the World with superb visual online real time information for improved critical decision making.
    Geoff Parker - Information Technology Director, Endeka Ceramics Ltd
  • We sought out Cubus when we needed better support to solve a, for us, difficult technical issue. When we called to setup an engagement, they simply helped us solve the problem on the spot with no request for compensation nor solicitation of the support business. After that good experience we asked them to take us on as a client.
    Nicholas Boicheff, Controller & CIO, Ferman Automotive Management Services


If questions or problems ever arise in day-to-day operations, help is literally just a phone call away. Customer surveys show that cubus clients regularly give our support team top marks – and for good reason. With a software maintenance contract, our clients get access to the latest developments, software versions and fast, straightforward personal assistance from our support hotline.

If important staff members are suddenly unavailable, our experts are even ready to jump in on short notice:

Your direct contact to our Support Team:
Phone +49 7032 9451-99

Visit our support portal

Software maintenance

Technical hotline

Rent an admin: Expert backup for your applications


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