From financial performance management, R&D performance management and strategy implementation to analysis, reporting, visual information design and modern budgeting, cubus outperform is the foundation for over 150 successful client projects. Discover a completely new way to manage your business performance. 

Business Performance Management
Business Performance Management
Keep a close eye on your performance and make informed decisions.
Financial Performance Management
Financial Performance Management
Get a 360° view of your business and make informed decisions.
R&D Performance Management
R&D Performance Management
Drive innovations, develop successful products, and monitor your budgets effectively.
Strategy Implementation
Align business operations with corporate objectives.
Reporting und Analyse
Analysis and Reporting
Choose from standard reports, ad hoc analysis or dashboards to evaluate your data the way you need it.
Visual Information Design
Visual Information Design
Say goodbye to complex columns of numbers. Use dashboards and traffic light colors to gain insights.
Modern Budgeting
Modern Budgeting
Streamline your processes and add more value and cost efficiency to your planning.
Erwerbs- und Betriebsoptionen
Purchasing and Operating Options
Select the right model for your requirements.





Increase business performance and align projects and operations to your strategic goals. cubus outperform enables a completely new approach to performance management that seamlessly links your company’s finances to your projects and strategy. You gain insight into business processes, can minimize risks, reduce costs, and leverage your R&D and innovation potential. With cubus, you can rely on a single data base and an integrated approach.

Financial performance management covers the complete spectrum of management information systems, analytics, reporting, planning and simulation. R&D performance management focuses on project and project portfolio management. Strategy implementation centers on execution of your long term corporate goals.Business Performance Management

cubus solutions use modern technologies and combine pre-configured components with individual, tailor-made elements. Competent consultants and state of the art support ensure that your application runs the way you expect. You benefit from mature performance management solutions that have been tried and tested in countless installations across various industries. Our partnerships with major technology leaders ensure that your investments have a solid foundation.

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Do you have 2 ½ minutes? There is no quicker way to learn how your company can benefit from cubus outperform. See for yourself!



Financial Performance ManagementFinancial Perfomance Management

 Financial performance management covers short-term to long-term planning, forecasting, simulation, reporting and analysis. Companies use applications based on cubus outperform to manage various aspects of financial performance including:

Unit sales and revenues

Gross margin



Human resources


Balance sheet

Cash flow

Thanks to the integrated concept, you can either implement each of these aspects separately or combine them into a single solution.


Financial Performance Management Screenshots

top-downplan, operating expenses, budget book

top-downplan operating expenses budget book

For more screenshots please send us an e-mail.


R&D Performance Management

cubus outperform supports your research and development activities from the initial idea to marketing the final product. In addition to keeping track of all relevant processes, you can answer important questions including:

Which ideas will we put into practice?

Which are the most promising projects and how can we execute them?

Are we executing the agreed projects correctly?


Our customers are using cubus outperform for:

Portfolio management and multi-project monitoring

Resource and capacity planning

Project status reporting

Long-term revenue planning

Flyer: cubus outperform R&D Performance Management
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What our customers are saying
  • The management expectations were not only met but greatly exceeded through the implementation of cubus. The web based solution allows for an efficient exchange of all required financial and market information of the SUSPA group.
    Roland Benter, Chief Accounting and Corpoarte Controlling, SUSPA Holding GmbH
  • cubus outperform and EV Analytics Web Client has taken our financial, sales budgeting and forecasting processes to a new level of efficiency and accuracy. It has enabled the easy input of remote sales forecasts in local currencies with immediate corporate consolidation into euros, providing management across the World with superb visual online real time information for improved critical decision making.
    Geoff Parker - Information Technology Director We sought out Cubus when we needed better support to solve a, for us, difficult technical issue. When we called to setup an engagement, they simply helped us solve the problem on the spot with no requ
  • We sought out Cubus when we needed better support to solve a, for us, difficult technical issue. When we called to setup an engagement, they simply helped us solve the problem on the spot with no request for compensation nor solicitation of the support business. After that good experience we asked them to take us on as a client.
    Nicholas Boicheff, Controller & CIO, Ferman Automotive Management Services
  • We are very impressed with cubus and their product knowledge and would happily recommend them to any organisation.
    Gary Ross, Head of IT and Facilities at RAF Benevolent Fund

Strategy ImplementationStrategy implementation

 What good are the best strategies when they don’t find entrance into your daily business? With cubus outperform, you can translate your company’s strategic goals into day-to-day operations. cubus outperform supports you in executing your strategies regardless of the management practices you have chosen.

You can define thresholds, use different views, or measure and monitor KPIs in a balanced scorecard. cubus outperform automatically includes existing data into the scorecard. Since you can link your strategy to the finance and project worlds in cubus outperform, you can gain valuable insights at any time, identify variances at an early stage, and take appropriate action.



Flyer: Strategy excecution
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Analysis and ReportingAnalysis and Reporting

 To effectively manage business performance, you need flexible, powerful planning as well as compelling reports and analytics. To ensure that you can prepare this information to meet the needs of various consumers, you also need capabilities to visualize data as well as add comments and other information. As all data is held in one consistent data base, you can immediately access budget and actual data in cubus outperform. You can access all data, create standard reports and dashboards, or support power users with individual ad hoc analysis. You can also create reports quickly and easily in the intuitive user interface.


Dashboards provide an ideal way to clearly present large amounts of information, oftentimes stemming from various sources. Visualizing this information to various target groups, however, often poses a challenge. With cubus outperform, you can prepare the data the way your consumers need it. The intuitive Excel-like interface, which makes designing reports simple, supports you along the way.

Dashboards are an essential part of every management information system. We at cubus think they will continue to play an important role.

Ad Hoc Analysis

Do you want to empower your users to access and analyze the data they need without being limited by standard reports? With cubus outperform, users can navigate their own data worlds, switch columns and rows by simply dragging and dropping, set filters, drill down and up, add their own information, or share their findings with colleagues. You can get started in minutes and publish insights as a standard report or dashboard – all from the same intuitive interface.

Flyer: Ad hoc analysis
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Video: When your data starts talking to you

Here you can learn more about the comment functionality. By entering comments, you can draw attention to issues, explain backgrounds or add soft facts, which makes your analyses or reports more clear.





Whereas managers of earlier generations were plagued with too little information, decision-makers today are drowning in it. The internet of things and big data are challenging companies to present information so that consumers are able to utilize it. Today, experts including Stephen Few, Edwardt Tufte and Dr. Rolf Hichert have laid the groundwork for modern information design. With visual information design from cubus, you can optimize your reporting based on these principles.


Modern BudgetingModern Budgeting

 The objective of budgeting today is to significantly improve the planning process by minimizing costs and maximizing benefits. If all aspects of planning are integrated in a single concept and aligned with strategic goals, companies will become more flexible and able to adapt to economic change.

Planning is a highly dynamic process. The key is to keep it:




When these three criteria answer how planning should be done, the foundations of modern budgeting are about what shall be planned and on what basis. With cubus outperform you can meet the three criteria as well as implement and comply with the concepts of modern budgeting.

What our customers are saying
  • cubus outperform is extremely flexible. We developed a planning solution with just a two-man team in a very short time. The tool also adapted to our processes and databases – and not the other way around...
    Oliver Butke, Head Finance, Aduno Group
  • We have worked with cubus software since 2007 and use it avidly for sales and financial monitoring. … We trust cubus and highly recommend the software to other companies.
    Sven Hoffmann, Head of Controlling, Ritter Sport
  • Our management can immediately identify and respond to emerging changes and market developments. Our monthly cost forecasts, for example, are so much faster.
    Dirk Schlömer, Head of Controlling & Cost Management, DAB bank AG
  • We value the tailored service from cubus AG in particular. cubus AG supports our productive system to this day so that we don’t need to tie down our resources with system maintenance.
    Achim Bundschuh, Managing Director, tkv* Transport-Kälte-Vertrieb GmbH

Purchasing and Operating Optionspurchasing and Operating Options

 When you invest in new software, there is more to consider than smart functionality and user experience. Is what you get worth your investment? Can you ensure secure operations at a price that won’t break your budget? Will it withstand whatever legal, technology or market changes the future has in store?

To help you respond to change, cubus offers highly flexible models from purchasing licenses to using our software in the cloud. To learn more about flexible deployment options, download our datasheet below.

  • Aduno Group
  • Advantest
  • AirPlus International
  • Alcatel-Lucent
  • Die Zieglerschen
  • Energie Südbayern
  • Knorr-Bremse
  • National-Bank
  • Ritter Sport
  • J. Safra Sarasin
  • Teufel Raumfeld
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